Lawrence Park History


Lawrence Park was founded in 1907 by Wilfrid Servington Dinnick, with land purchased from the Lawrence and Harris farms. The area was designed and developed as a Garden Suburb, part of an international trend to celebrate garden spaces and greenery within an urban area.

The design of the neighbourhood, based on plans by Walter S. Brooke, grew from a need to adapt the area to the land, curving the roads along the geography, and the growing use of automobiles. Dinnick’s dream for the area included a focus on creating garages and driveways, rather than stables, which was relatively unheard-of at the time but proved to be great foresight. A number of the houses were designed by the official architects, Vaux Chadwick and Samuel Beckett.

The area has since been home to many influential residents of Toronto and its garden spaces continue to flourish.

More information on the history of Lawrence Park can be found in “The Historical Walking Tour of Lawrence Park”, found here.