Our projects


The Lawrence Park Heritage Committee, as a whole or as individual members, have taken on many projects on behalf of the Lawrence Park Community to promote the neighbourhood’s history and activities.

Through local “Century Home” evenings and distribution of The History Nugget which features items of historical interest, the Lawrence Park Heritage Committee is increasing the community’s appreciation of its history and is providing information about ways to protect the character of the area. Residents are encouraged to contribute reminiscences, photographs and related material which can be featured in The History Nugget and on the Committee’s web site.

Work is ongoing for the establishment of a Heritage Conservation District in the western part of Lawrence Park. A historical plaque is planned for the Yonge Street “entrance” to Lawrence Park.

The Historical Walking Tour

The tour is a great way to see Lawrence Park in the present, while learning about its past.

Heritage Conservation

One of our main goals is to establish Lawrence Park West as a Heritage Conservation District.

Resident Memoirs

Lawrence Park is home to many notable residents and there are those that have been a part of the community for a long time. We hope to collect their knowledge and stories.

Commemorative Plaque

The creation of a commemorative plaque is planned.

Other Information

If you are looking for resources on Lawrence Park, or are a resident wanting information about restoring and renovating, please look at the information available on this website.