There are many resources that the Lawrence Park Heritage Committee collects and curates for the benefit of community residents and heritage enthusiasts.

Here are some links to Heritage sites and reports that may be of interest to you. 

Researching Your House – Kathryn Anderson’s Presentation at the March 2016 Century Home Evening

Researching Your House – March 10, 2016

City of Toronto Heritage Resources

City of Toronto Archives

Ontario Heritage Trust

A Report on the Effect of HCD’s on House Prices

White, Murray, (2010). The Effect of Heritage Conservation Districts on Residential House Prices in Toronto, Ontario, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario.

University of Waterloo Heritage Resource Centre

A Report on the Benefits on Heritage Communities

Heritage Districts Work! Heritage Conservation Study Summary Report, The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, 2009.

Historical Walking Tour of Lawrence Park Booklet

Moon, Lynda and Barbara Myrvold.  Historical Walking Tour of Lawrence Park. rev. and expanded ed. Toronto Public Library Board, 2007.

An Article on the River that Ran Through Lawrence Park


Scanned Pages: Hayes, Derek. Historical Atlas of Toronto. Vancouver:  Douglas & McIntyre, 2008.

Images and Maps: Toronto Public Library and Archives of Ontario